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Pay only for results with Google Ads

Google is the most powerful search engine on the planet, it makes sense that you are advertising there. One of the best things about advertising on the Google is that you only ever pay when a potential lead clicks on your ad. Just think how powerful that is.

Another great benefit is there is no set budget you need to spend. We can control a budget for you what ever it may be.

We are offering new clients £120 free google ad budget in their second month with Fernbank Digital.

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What type of Google Campaign will work for your business?

Choosing the correct campaign type is crucial to success with Google Ads. Firstly we together need to decide what objectives you want to achieve from Google Ads. Is the goal to re-market to customers? Win new business? Boost your brand? Source new leads? All are achievable, we just need to set the correct campaign type.

Perhaps the most powerful form of advertising there is. People search Google for products and services when they are interested in buying.

The goal is to harness this search intent and place a relevant ad in front of a prospective buyer.

Remember with Google Search Ad Campaigns, you only pay when a potential lead clicks your ad.

A remarketing campaign focusses on advertising to people who have already either visited your website, engaged with your social media or reacted to your brand in some way.

Remarketing when done correctly can have a high rate of conversion. Typically these are people who are further along in the buying process and are considered to be a warmer lead. They just need nurturing with effective ads.

Google Display Campaigns are visual images, videos or gifs which you tend to find when browsing the internet, using apps, or visiting particular websites.

The Google Display network reaches the majority of internet users worldwide and a display campaign can see your ad appear on Youtube, music streaming sites and popular blogs. 

With display campaigns you have the option to be super targeted to a particular type of demographic.

If you run an online store Google Shopping Ads are a must.

Harness the potential of buyers searching for a product that you have to offer. Have buyers land directly on your product pages and make it easy for them to check out.

We can help you to focus on your ROI by placing specific bids on when your products appear. Through advanced insights we can figure out where best to place bids and report back to you trackable data.

Free consultation/ audit

Before working with a client I like to understand business objectives and goals. It may be that Google Ads isn't the correct platform for you. Either way we can talk it through and provide an audit of your existing ads if you feel they are underperforming. Free of charge!

Google Ad Training

As a Google Ad Specialist in Doncaster, I feel it is always important to share knowledge and develop others skillsets. I offer an in-depth bespoke course to delve into the areas of Google Ads you would like to focus on the most.

Google Ads Set Up

After an initial consultantion/ meeting I can get to work on building out your Google Ad Campaigns. With an agreed budget all you need to do is provide access to your account, Fernbank Digital can handle the rest.

Google Ads Management

Want to take a hands off approach and keep up to date with monthly reports? Thats fine with me I can take care of billing, set-up, implementation and everything inbetween. Allow Fernbank Digital to manage every aspect of the Google Ad Process.


SEO is a long term strategy. Google Ads provided instantaneous results and immediate leads & sales.


You don't need to be vague and broad. Target prospects based on gender, location, buying behaviours and interests.


Remarket to those who are familiar with your brand, product or services. Through smart technology target those who have visited your website and follow you on social.

Control your budget

It is a myth that you need a big budget to succeed. In fact, those with niche markets can succeed on smaller budgets.

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Frequently asked questions

By taking advantage of smart technology Google Ads help place your advertisements in front of your target audience just as they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Firstly, it is important to select a goal. Are you looking to capture leads? Increase phone calls? Increase conversions?

Secondly, targeting the right geographic location is essential. If you are looking to target customers in Doncaster with your Google Ads, then there is no point placing your ads in London.

Finally, assess what budget you are willing to assign to your campaign. Work out what you expect to be a Return On Ad Spend.

Cost Per Click (CPC) isnt as such a type of advertising it is simply the cost you spend per someone clicking your ad on Google.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising can factor in many channels, not just Google. With PPC advertising you can be charged per impression, per engagement, or per click. It really does depend on the goals of the campaign.

The great thing about Google Ad Campaigns is that you can set and control your own budget. Which means you can put any budget towards your campaign. You are only ever charged when somebody interacts with your ad. This could be clicking on the ad or somebody phoning your business. It depends on the campaign type.

Simply put, Google Ads is a quick win and a mechanism to start seeing results immediately. SEO is the process of organically and naturally ranking higher on search engines for relevant search terms and phrases. It is always best to work on the two areas in conjunction with each other to maximise results.

The Google Ads interface can seem extremely daunting if you are new to the platform. 

Google Ads have to be campaign specific and built in a certain way to achieve results. It is not as simple as setting up a campaign and letting it run forever. You have to be on the ball, constantly optimising for specific search terms and phrases. You also have to add negative keywords and rule out phrases and search terms that you could be getting charged for which are not relevant to your products or services.

Of course you can! I even provide a training package to help give you a kickstart.

Though I would approach cautiously and please read the previous question and answer.


Please allow a few days for us to undertake your free google ads audit. We will be in touch to arrange access.